Respect The Law – Majid Michel Advices Medikal And Shatta Wale After Court Granted Them Bail

Majid Michel has been observing from afar how his colleague celebrities in thinking they are impervious to the law have been flouting the law with impunity

Shatta Wale and Medikal are 2 celebrities who have had the long arms of the law grabbing them by their collars and shoving them into prison for such impudence

Shatta Wale was arrested for faking his own gun shooting and Medikal was next to join Shatta Wale in prison after the artiste was captured brandishing a firearm with ammunition

The two were granted bail of GHC100k each today

Majid Michel has however not been pleased with how his colleagues have been joking with the laws of the country and have dished out some words of advice for those who would listen

Taking to his instagram page, the movie actor wrote, “You can mess around with rules. you can even break them if you want. But Laws, you don’t mess around with Laws! Listen, you don’t break the Law. The Law breaks you. You don’t say I violated the law. You don’t violate laws. Laws violate you if you try to violate them. Laws are different from rules. Rules are customs, limitations and boundaries, created by men,”

“Laws are there to protect you not to restrict you. Successful people always break the rules for the sake of the Law. Know the difference between laws and rules and you will stay safe and successful”

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