Blakk Rasta Slams Shatta Wale Again !

Ghanaian on air presenter Blakk Rasta has once again taken Shatta Wale to the cleaners.

Rasta speaking on 360 show on Akoma 87.9fm shared his thoughts on Shatta Wale’s ongoing legal issues.

The self-acclaimed dancehall star was remanded for one week in prison custody after he was charged with publishing false news and causing fear and panic.

Sharing his views on Shatta Wale’s legal troubles, Blakk Rasta said Wale is a bad influence for the youth that look up to him.

According to him, the Kakai singer is a drug addict and that has made him aged badly. He said the musician despite being only 37, looks like an 89 year-old because he is a junkie.

“I believe he (Shatta Wale) came out to say that he has stopped smoking. And just last month, if you watch the 1Don video, he was smoking. I don’t what he was smoking … he claimed he has stopped, but now he’s back to it. Which means it is something he couldn’t stop himself from doing. So he is a junkie of that thing,” Blakk Rasta said.

“Junkie means someone who uses drugs and cannot stop. Normally, that’s the word we use for such people. But u can be a junkie of music or can be a junkie of work. But generally is for someone who uses drugs and cannot stop.

“Someone, who claims he is 37 years. If you look closely at him, he looks like somebody who is 89 years. If it’s not true, tell me. Look at his face. I know because I have seen your (Shatta Wale) birth certificate and passport that says you (Shatta Wale) are 41 years as it stands right now.”

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