You Only Live Once (YOLO)

The youth of today are experiencing a kind of freedom to explore that no youth before them has ever had and the way we choose to use this freedom could either make or break our future

The Ghana AIDS commission recently released a report on the rapid increase of HIV/AIDS in Ghana and amongst the youth

In the report, 52 people got HIV everyday in Ghana in 2020. This number was 60 as of 2016 but reduced to 52 in 2020, some would say we deserve a pat on our backs for what could be deemed as progress in controlling the epidemic but it is just not good enough. 52×365 days = 18980, meaning a total of 18980 people had the virus in 2020

That is not all, in the report, it is believed that there are over 346,120 people living in the country with HIV and out of this number, 228,439 are females, representing 66% of the total number of people living with HIV in Ghana and 117,681 are males which constitutes 34%

Not all HIV cases are intimacy related but the report had it that over 80% of Ghana’s HIV cases are intimacy related and that most of the youth are engaged in transactional intimacy

So now back to the youth, we are deemed the future leaders of tomorrow it is therefore paramount that we are conscious of our health and safeguard it so we are able to give our best for our nation when tomorrow finally comes as Ghana’s destiny is tied to the health and welfare of the youth

As the report stated that most females amongst the youth open up for a price I would admonish that we be content in the little we have and not put our lives on the line for superficial gains which we wouldn’t be able to enjoy to the fullest if diagnosed with the virus

Studies have shown that women are more likely to be infected by the virus as against men and the numbers backs the findings as 66% of the victims are females so to the ladies, next time you decide to open up to someone you are not very sure of, insist it is on and if it is not on it is not going in

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