Facebook Changes Its Name To Meta

Facebook announced Thursday that it is changing its name to Meta, while unveiling a new logo resembling an infinity sign.

Its flagship social media platform will still be called Facebook, however. And whatever its name, the world’s largest social media company faces growing trouble in Washington and other world capitals following the disclosure of a leak of internal documents by whistleblower Frances Haugen.

In an upbeat, special-effects online rollout Thursday afternoon, CEO Mark Zuckerberg insisted the company is relentlessly focused on its future, including virtual reality technology that will not be ready for prime time for years.

“Now it is time to take everything that we have learned and help build the next chapter,” Zuckerberg said at a company conference, announcing the new name and the coming Facebook “metaverse” that re-imagines today’s internet for 3D, so users can have inside experiences rather than looking at them through a screen. “The future is going to be beyond anything that we can imagine.”

The company’s rebranding to Meta and reveal of the “metaverse” reflect some of the biggest changes at Facebook since its founding almost two decades ago. But they also come during one of its largest political disasters and trust deficits to date.

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