Ghanaians Slam Psychiatric Hospital For Allowing Funny Face To Use His Phone

Ghanaians on social media have slammed the nurses and doctors at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for allowing comedian Funny Face to have access to his phone while under their care.

The Kaneshie District Court in Accra on October 20th referred comedian Funny Face with to a Psychiatric Hospital for medical examination.

The decision of the court followed the request made by the Ghana Police Service for a psychiatric assessment after the comedian was arrested for threatening to kill the mother of his children.

At the mental hospital, Funny Face was reportedly diagnosed with bipolar depression.

But Ghanaians are shocked that Funny Face who has been admitted for medical examination, is still very busy on social media.

Funny has been on Instgram live for multiple times since his arrest, sharing medical updates, constantly insulting others and showing the same behaviour that got him hospitalised.

In some of his videos, the nurses who appear star-strucked were there just watching him as he displays his crazy antics.

Many wonder why the authorities at the Accra Psychiatrics Hospital are allowing Funny Face to do whatever he likes at the place while under their care.

Check out some of the videos uploaded by Funny Face since his admission at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital.

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