I Would Worship Martha Ankomah If She Agrees To Date Me – Kwadwo Sheldon

Ghanaian content creator and Youtuber, Kwadwo Sheldon, has made his intentions known about Ghanaian actress and brand ambassador, Martha Ankomah.

According to Kwadwo Sheldon, he has a crush on the beautiful actress and will go to the moon just to have her as his girlfriend.

Kwadwo Sheldon revealed this during an appearance on Pulse Fun fact series where he selected Martha Ankomah as his favourite Ghanaian celebrity.

When asked why he selected Martha Ankomah as his celebrity crush, Kwadwo Sheldon revealed a good attribute about the actress that he admires.

Martha, he claims, is humble, lovely, courteous, and free of any kind of controversy or social media drama. She’s also free of controversies.

He also remarked that if Martha Ankomah grants him permission, he would do anything she asks of him since he admires her. He also instructed Martha to contact him by phone or text if she came across the video. On social media, his video has sparked outrage. Many social media users believe Kwadwo Sheldon was joking around and did not mean what he said.


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