It Will End In Tears Or Not

Have you ever had the experience of posting your boyfriend or girlfriend and had your friends respond to your post with, “it will end in tears”?.

Today, relationships it would seem are entered with expectation of failure so much so that even those in the relationship are in it expecting it to fail

My question then is, how do you give your all in a relationship you expect to fail?, unfortunately however that is the reality of majority of relationships today

Due to this conscious or unconscious thought of those in relationships, they find themselves holding back though they may not notice it as no one wants to come out the loser in a failed relationship

Also everyone wants to get maximum returns on whatever they invest into the relationship.

Girls seek to satisfy their material needs and wants for ‘opening up’ to their boyfriends and guys also ‘use’ the living daylight out of their girlfriends for having to shoulder the burden of the girl’s father

Both may think they are winning but in actual sense they are both losing

Yes, relationships fail but its chances of failure is almost guaranteed if the parties involved expect it to fail

So the next time you find yourself in a relationship, give it your all knowing that it will end it tears or may not

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