Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Battling Depression As He Claims To Hear Father’s Voice In His Head

Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson’s eldest son, claims to still hear his father’s voice directing him in his philanthropic activities.

Prince spoke on Good Morning Britain via video link, giving hosts Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins an insight into his father’s role in his life.

When Adil inquired about hearing Michael’s voice, the actor revealed what he feels his father would say.

Presenter Adil said, I think I heard as well Prince Michael that you still hear your father, you can hear him speaking to you. That’s quite incredible, tells us about that.”

Prince replied, “So it’s not like a voice in my head you know, but in a way it is.”

“When you do philanthropic work and if you care about it a lot like myself and my family, I think you tend to carry the weight of the struggles of the people you are trying to help and that’s when I really hear my father’s voice the most.”

He added, “Those are the times when you struggle the most and you almost wonder how can I continue to keep doing this and it’s during those moments I hear him.”

“He’s like ‘somebody has do it, you have to do it. You have to keep pushing forward and it’s important that we do this.”

“He’s kind of always on my shoulder in my ear motivating me to keep that moral compass pointing north, if that makes sense.”

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