Video: Davido Was Afraid When He Sat In A Palanquin During Our Video Shoot – Darkovibes

Talented Ghanaian musician, Darkovibes has reminisced on events that occurred during the video shoot of his latest hit, “Je mappelle” with Nigerian hotshot Davido

The theme of the “Je mappelle video is to sell the rich Ghanaian culture and as part of the process Darkovibes and his Nigerian compatriot Davido were adorned in Kente and carried in a palanquin to denote kingship and authority

But Darkovibes has gone behind the back of Davido to reveal how the Nigerian artiste who is not familiar with the Ghanaian culture was scared when he was lifted onto the palanquin during the shooting of the video

Speaking during an interview on Talkentertainment with Elsie Lamar, Darkovibes revealed Davido screamed when he was being lifted onto the palanquin and continued to screamed when inside the palanquin as he feared he may fall to the ground

“At some point we had to carry him in a palanquin and he was really scared. He was really scared and started screaming. He was really high in the sky and these guys that carried him, you never know. Some of them can panic and he might fall,” he stated

When asked how he managed to get Davido to feature on his song, Darkovibes had this to say, “Davido is like a big brother to me. He has been very supportive. He gives me advice and most of his friends are my friends. His team also held it down for me. Davido really came through for me. I met him out there in the club and I asked him to bless me with a verse on my album. He asked me to come visit him at his apartment and I did. I played him a number of my songs and he chose Je mappelle.”

“He traveled all the way from Nigeria to Ghana although he was extremely exhausted from events. The kente was heavy but he wore it. He carried the kente as a burden and performed during our video shoot. It was difficult but very smooth”, he concluded


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