Churches In Ghana Must Be Forced To Pay Taxes – Kwaw Kese

Rapper Kwaw Kese believes it’s high time the Government of Ghana considered taxing the numerous churches operating in the country

According to him, Ghanaian pastors make a lot of money, and as such, taxing them will provide the country with some income to help address developmental issues.

Kwaw Kesse said asides from the fact that some pastors live expensive lifestyles which need to be investigated, they need to contribute taxes towards national development.

“I know what I’ve said some Pastors will come and make doom prophecies against me but it doesn’t make sense that in Ghana, people are hungry but the Pastor has built mansions and has a lot of cars to their credit meanwhile, people are hungry,” he stated in an interview with Kingdom Plus FM.

“When you are in traffic you will get sad. Kids as young as 2 years are in traffic begging. When have you heard that a Church has said that it will provide shelter for all these homeless individuals?” he added.

He also called for the closure of about 80% of the churches operating as according to him churches should not outnumber the number of factories in the country

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