Ghana Premier League To Go Autonomous From 2022/2023 Season – Kurt Okraku

Ghana Premier League received an approval from Ghana Football Association’s Executive Council to become an autonomous league from 2022/23 season.

The proposed elite Independent league will operate as English Premier League with its body which will be self standing in regards with GFA.

Thus said, GFA’s only role in the new league will be the registration of players as a result of a plan settled by the new committee since their arrival and ran by Hearts of Oak’s Board Chairman Togbe Afede XIV.

This simply means that GFA will no longer organize and manage the Ghana Premier League.

In a statement, Ghana Football Association announced that the works are in progress and the 18-club participation format will be maintained though it could undergo changes in the future.

The proposed Independent elite League competition that has been at the front burner under the current administration will take off in the 2022/23 season.

The GFA Executive Council took the decision at a meeting in Accra.

According to the Executive Council, the current 18 club format will be maintained for the initial years before any addition or otherwise.

Thus, the 2021-22 Ghana Premier League will be the qualifying competition to the autonomous Ghana Premier League managed by a separate company outside the GFA, jointly owned by the clubs with the GFA owning a special share.

The GFA will handle Registration of players and officials and Disciplinary issues as required by FIFA.

The participating clubs will be taken through a special process and education leading to the full implementation in the 2022/23 season.

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