Don’t Make Your Prophesies About Celebrities Public – Captain Planet

The Ghana Police Service recently warned pastors and prophets that they will arrest them when they prophesy publicly without evidence.

According to the police, the law is against false publication therefore if you make your prophecy publicly without any evidence then you’ve breached the law and the law will deal with you.

Speaking on the Police Service’s directive to men of God, Ghanaian musician Captain Planet in interview on Kastle FM, admonished prophets in Ghana not to put doom prophesies about celebs and famous people in the public domain.

According to him, there is no need making the prophesy public as it can cause panic. He advised to rather pray for the artiste with congregation.

“I’ve not heard that any man of God has prophesied about me but prophesies exist and God uses Prophets to tell us what is about to happen,” he.

But the little I want to say is that when you have prophecies about someone don’t put it in the public domain for public consumption,” he told Amansan Krakye.

He ended “It’s not every prophesy that is meant for the public consumption so such pastors must confront the celebrity and pray for them together with their congregation to curtail the doom”.

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