When Does One Draw A Boarder Line Between Common Sense And Religion?

Very often we come across the overly Religious individual whose life revolves around the preaching of a holy book and a man of God

There is nothing in itself wrong with Religion but when we allow it to kick common sense out there door then we have a problem

One clear example is a story that was shared on a facebook relationship page about how a woman allowed her pastor to talk her out of marrying a guy she dated for two years

The story goes, “We dated for two years before we agreed to get married. The first day we went to meet her mother to discuss issues with marriage her mother asked her, “Does the pastor know that you’re getting married soon?” She said, “Noo I haven’t told him. He doesn’t even know that I have a boyfriend, let alone a man who is interested in marrying me.” Her mother said, “Then you have to tell him before you even think of starting counseling with him.” Weeks later, my girlfriend told me, “I don’t want to be alone with my pastor when I tell him about our wedding. On Sunday, I would like you to come to church with me so we go and meet him after church” 

We were there on Sunday. When the pastor walked to the pulpit to preach, I asked her, “Is this the guy we are coming to meet?” She said, “Yeah, this is the pastor of the church. A very powerful man of God.” I must admit, I was underwhelmed after seeing him. When her mother talked about a pastor I thought of him as an old man who has been in the pastoral business for ages. Maybe my orthodox mind was speaking but this pastor in front of me lacked the grace and charisma I associated with pastors. He is young, just around thirty-five. His mannerisms on the pulpit looked a little bit off for me. There was no character to his preaching. He looked just ordinary, like a friend next door who had been given the microphone to give an impromptu sermon. 

After the service, I asked my girlfriend, “Is he the one going to counsel us?” She said yes. I asked her, “Is he married?” She said, “Yes he’s married. He got married a year ago. He’s a very young pastor but his depth with the word is unmatched. He’s a seer and can tell you things about yourself that you didn’t even know. That’s why my mom loves him so much that she left her church to this one.” I thought I was judging him wrongly so I gave myself permission to form new opinions after the meeting with him. 

The church was over. We had to wait for hours before it got to our turn to see him. The queue to his office was long. Those who ushered people in to see the pastor carried themselves as demigods. Everything looked new to me. Maybe it was because it didn’t happen in my church so I found it weird. Finally, it got to our turn and we entered. We exchanged pleasantries and it was all jolly until he asked, “You brought a new member?” She said, “Not really. He’s my boyfriend. We are getting married very soon so I decided to bring him here today and introduce him to you.”

He was quiet for a while. He said, “You should have called me on phone to book a proper appointment before coming.” She said, “I didn’t think about that. I’m sorry.” He said, “That’s alright but since when did you have a boyfriend that the church didn’t know?” She said, “We’ve been dating for a while now. This is the time for us to make it official, that’s why we are here.” He asked, ”You’ve been dating for how long?” She said, “Two years.” “Two years?” He screamed. “How come I didn’t know?”

All this while I was sitting there like a dummy, not knowing what to say or do. I watch them go back and forth until the pastor addressed me. “Young man, are you ready to attend our church?” I answered, “I’m already in a church. It’s the same God so I will stay in my church.” He said, “If it’s the same God, then why don’t you come here? Your wife would be here with us. Don’t you think it would be nice?” I smiled. I didn’t say another word. I wanted him to move away from the topic and address the reason why we were there. He kept asking me, “Don’t you think so?” I said, “I haven’t thought about that. I will think about it with her so we know what to do.”

For close to an hour, this guy kept asking unnecessary questions and all the while trying to avoid the reason why we were there. He looked at my face and said, “Can you excuse us?” I said, “Sure” and went out. For close to thirty minutes, I was out there waiting for my girlfriend. I saw the angry faces of those who want to go in to see the pastor and asked myself, ”Why won’t they leave? Clearly, this man doesn’t have you in mind.” 

When my girlfriend came out, she wasn’t looking cheerful. I asked her, “What did he say?” She said, “Nothing that concerns you but church stuff.” I asked again, “But we came to announce our intentions to him so why didn’t he say anything about that?” She responded, “He was surprised that’s why he acted the way he did. When we are ready to start counseling. He will be ready.” I knew there was something wrong. I pressed her. I coerced her to tell me what the pastor said but she said, “It’s not something important for us to discuss.”

Two months later, we chose a date for our wedding. We went to the pastor again, gave him the date, and asked when we could start counseling. He looked at me and said, “Can you please excuse us?” Again I went out. Close to an hour later, my girlfriend walked out, wearing disappointment on her face. I asked, “Is he calling me?” She said, “No, we are done. Let’s go.” I asked, “So he gave you the date for us to start the counseling?” She said, “No he didn’t. He said he will call and give me the date later.” I asked, “But why do I have to excuse you anytime we come here? What’s going on? If you don’t tell me what the issue is, I won’t come and see this guy again.” She said, “Don’t worry. Everything is fine.”

One evening I went to her house and saw her seated with her mom. I greeted and took a seat next to them. Her mother asked, “He knows about what the pastor told you?” I saw her winking at her mother, signaling her not to say anything about it. I said, “No I don’t know what the pastor told her. What is it about?” Her mother said, “Oh it’s not anything important but I thought she had told you already. If she hasn’t then it’s ok.” I told her mom. “No matter how unimportant it may seem, I still want to know. That pastor had been evasive and I don’t like how he behaves any time we go there. If there’s something wrong, kindly let me know so I know what next to do.”

After pushing them for what seemed like an eternity, her mother opened up to me. She said, “Pastor looked into your future and it doesn’t look good, especially for you two. He said my daughter was meant to marry a pastor and not you so if we force it, a calamity will befall us for disobeying God.” I laughed. I asked, “You believe him?” Her mother said, “That man has never uttered a prophecy that didn’t come to pass. He prophesied about my husband’s death the very first time he saw me. I told my husband. He laughed about it. A year later, he died. He speaks God’s mind. Everything he says comes to pass.”

I asked my girlfriend, “You believe what the pastor said?” She said, “I’m confused.” Her mother retorted, “You’re confused about what? Tell him the truth once and for all so we all move on.” She said, “As my mother told you, everything that man has said came to pass. I’ve asked him to intercede for us. I’ve asked him to ask God to make a way for us. He said we should give him some weeks to do that. I’m waiting for what he will say after the period so we can decide.” 

Her mother added, “God doesn’t change his mind. He had said what he will say and you two have to decide. You can go ahead and get married and later prepare for God’s calamity or you’ll bring everything to an end here so both of you will eschew God’s wrath.” Her mother was sold. My girlfriend was in a state of indecision. She was scared to disobey her pastor but she was also not ready to kiss our marriage goodbye. 

I made my point very clear right in front of them. I said, “I don’t believe a word of what that guy said. He’s not God’s mouthpiece and the God I know doesn’t operate the way this your man of God talks about. If you won’t allow the marriage to go on, that’s fine with me. I will leave and come back no more  but I won’t allow you and the pastor to dictate the path of my destiny for me.” Her mother said, ”My son, be careful what you say ooo. That man can see things ooo. The same way my husband behaved when I gave him the prophecy. Today where is he? Be very careful.”

After three months of going to and fro and still not getting anywhere, I told my girlfriend, “It’s ok. Go on with what your pastor said. I will also move on with my life. I’m not the only man on earth. If you believe, go ahead and wait for your man of God.” She responded, “I’m sorry everything has to end this way. I’m very sorry. If I hurt you in any way, forgive me but look at it this way. It’s better we go our separate ways than marry and have calamity falls on us. He’s helping us. We should thank God for that.” 

That day, we made a decision to part ways. I made some losses but it was ok. Love is like that. You win some. You lose some. But if you get to keep your life after a loss, you can rest assured that you will win again.

Two months or so later, I was in my room playing a game when I had a call. I asked who it was and he said, “This is Seer. God used me to prevent the calamity of your marriage. He has once again revealed something to me about you. That’s why I took your number from your ex called.” I asked calmly, “What did God reveal to you this time?” He said, “God has finally listened to the tears of your heart. I’ll give you directions. If you’re able to obey, God will open ways for you and the woman so you can go ahead and marry.”

“What’s the direction?”

“You’ll sow a seed of GH₵5,000. You’ll fast for a week under the feet of the Seer. After the week, you’ll be baptized and be added to the flock of God so God can open heaven’s favor on your life.” I asked, “God told you all that?” He said, “There’s more to be revealed. Just come and let’s talk.” I said, “Tell God to give me a sign. I’m a man like you. He can speak to me too. If I see a sign, I will believe.” He called me Thomas. He said many people have been in my position of doubt but later regretted it. He warned. He threatened. I called off his bluff.

My girlfriend called me, trying to convince me to do what he said. I told her, “I’ve moved on. Get a pastor and marry him. If you invite me to your wedding, I will come and grace the occasion.” 

That was the last time I heard of them. I still haven’t received any sign from God. I’m waiting. When the skies open and I see a dove screaming, “I’ve spoken through the Seer, so listen to him,” I will go ahead and sow a seed of GH₵100,000. I don’t have that much but I will borrow. I will again throw myself under his feet and worship his God all the days of my life. Now, I’m in my room playing games while waiting for God’s sign”. 

When Does One Draw A Boarder Line Between Common Sense And Religion?

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