Ayisha Modi Reveals She Is Battling With Depression After Suffering A Miscarriage

The Ghanaian with the biggest heart and also the biggest mouth, Ayisha Modi is currently in a very dark and lonely place and could do with all the family and friends she can at the moment

Ayisha Modi sadly revealed how she lost her expecting baby girl through miscarriage and has been battling with depression ever since

The huge of fan of stonebwoy took to her instagram page to share this part of her life with her fans and well wishers

She revealed how she had been left by her friends in her greatest hour of need and that it was strangers who came to her rescue

She therefore used the opportunity to advise all to be weary of friends who come in the guise of sheep but are actually wolves in sheep skin

Her post just wouldn’t have been complete if there was no instance of her bragging and for sure she did not let us down as she revealed how she lost over $70,000 by helping others in her depressed state though she was not weary of herself

The post was long and captured names of the people who helped her overcome her depression and pain and revealed that she is now 95% recovered according to her doctor, Dr. William Wilson

She attached pictures of her baby bump to her long post as evidence of the pregnancy she lost

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