Ministry Of Education Provides Detailed Statistic Of Students With A1-C6 In Core Subjects From 2015 – 2016

The ministry of Education has released a detailed statistic of results of students who took part in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE)

The report includes all 4 core subjects, Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science and Social Studies from the year 2015 to 2020

According to the report, last year 2020 was the best year in terms of general performance of students in English Language while 2015 was the worst

For integrated science, 2019 was the best year with 62.94% of the total students taking part in the examination passing with A1 to C6 while 2015 was the worst year with only 28.7% passing with A1-C6 in integrated science

Core maths has seen results be on the ascendancy from 2015 with only 2018 being the only year there was no rise but rather a fall but continue to rise in the following years with a peak of 65.71 in 2020

Social studies has had its results fluctuate from 2015 all the way to 2020. It started at 57.4% in 2015 then dropped to 54.55% the following year 2016 and fell further to 42.52% in 2017 and rose rapidly to 73.25 in 2018, reaching a peak of 75.36% in 2019 before falling again in 2020 to 64.31%

Below, is the full percentage analysis of candidates obtaining A1 to C6 in the Core Subjects. 

SUBJECT 201520162017201820192020
ENGLISH LANGUAGE 45.2%51.6%52.24%46.79%49.06%57.34%
INTEGRATED SCIENCE 28.7%48.35%52.89%50.48%62.94%52.53%
MATHEMATICS 32.4%33.12%41.66%38.15%64.23%65.71%
SOCIAL STUDIES 57.4%54.55%42.52%73.25%75.36%64.31%

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