Some Ghanaian Employees Are The Reason Businesses Fail – Jay Foley

Ghanaian media personality and Entrepreneur, Jay Foley has opened up on how difficult it is to run a successful business in the country

He took to his facebook account to express his displeasure at the hand Ghanaian employees have in the numerous failings of Ghanaian business

Adding that it is either they steal from their employers or their poor attitude towards work cripples the business and prevents it from expanding which invariably affects the employees as they lose their jobs when the business folds up

“So in my entrepreneurial hustle a few years ago, my partner and I opened a restaurant. Our little way of also earning some money by investing into a business. This was hard earned money. Our business also in a very small way, gave employment to some persons. We were paying all the taxes and salaries. Doing all we can to sustain the business.

But whiles we were struggling to make this work, the typical employee attitude of stealing from kitchen, with a very lackadaisical attitude to work, made it even difficult for us to keep the business running.

Eventually, we sacked all of them and closed the restaurant down and they went back to being unemployed. This was in 2012. Till date, some of them still call us, with no shame, asking if we have any work opportunities anywhere for them. One of them even mentioned to me how he has been praying to God in church to give him a job. Another told me sometime back about how the government at that time was not helping its citizens with work.

The attitude of the Ghanaian employee to the Ghanaian employer as compared to the attitude of the Ghanaian employee to the Foreign employer is clear. (The Lebanese, the Indians, the Chinese etc)

It seems when you treat some workers harshly and tough, they prefer it. I’ve watched how some of these foreign nationals help each other when they set up their businesses. And that’s how they grow.

Some workers just don’t want to see another Ghanaian prosper. It’s sickening.

The hustle of an entrepreneur”

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