Health Benefits Of Ginger And Garlic; Reason Why Ginger And Garlic Should Always Be Among Your Cooking Ingredients

Garlic and ginger are two underrated natural ingredients we normally overlook or do not accord the necessary importance in our kitchens but these two are arguable the human body’s best friends in their own right

Minus the many health benefits garlic and ginger provide, they are two very healthy and natural spices that can be used in seasoning of stews, meats and what have you

In this article we try to lay bare the many advantages of ginger and garlic and why you should start using them in your daily cooking.

Let us start with Garlic;

Garlic can be traced as far back as thousands of years ago where there are records of it having been used to cure different kind of disease including respiratory infection, worms in the stomach and skin disorders.

Research also indicates that garlic serves as a blood thinner that helps in lowering blood pressure among others

Garlic also possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can be used to fight inflammations in the body

It serves as a remedy against infections due to its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties

Ginger is just as much useful if not more useful than garlic

There are records of ginger being used to aid in indigestion, end diarrhea and vomiting sensations amongst others as far back as 2000 years ago

Ginger is also considered as a pregnant woman’s best friend during her pregnancy period as it is a good remedy against their early morning sickness and just as much useful to the non-pregnant as it useful to those who go through painful menstrual cycles

Just like garlic, ginger is also an anti-inflammatory agent as it possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can be used against body inflammations

Also the two when used together or separately can serve as a good way to detoxify the body from free radicals we are exposed to daily in our foods and air we breathe

There are many more health benefits of garlic and ginger but we hope the few we have gathered would have more than convinced you to adopt the use of ginger and garlic

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