Video: Davido Shows Off Cooking Skills

For those of you who have been wondering how Davido is continuously able to woo the most beautiful and intelligent women out there, wonder no more, for is here with the answer to your question

He may not look it but the Nigerian artiste is actually a very good cook, well at least judging from the way the food looked at the end of his cooking as we actually never got to taste it

Now we know why Chioma and his numerous other exs could not help but love him though the red flags surrounding him just too many to ignore

And yes he is handsome and wealthy and famous but his cooking ability puts him on a different hemisphere as many men do not know their way around the kitchen and spoiler alert, cooking is one skill women find very attractive in a man

In other news related to Davido, Darkovibes who recently released the song Je’mappelle revealed how cowardly Davido is as he was besides himself with fear when they were shooting the video for their Je’mappelle song which involved being lifted onto a palaquin

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