Climate Change: Five Reasons Why You Must Join The Fight Against Global Warming

When the last tree dies, the last man dies. I am pretty sure you have heard or seen that somewhere before, but have you ever paused to ask yourself what that truly means

The earth is sick and humans beings are the parasites causing her ailment. We take so much from her leaving her sicker each time. We dig deep into her belly and take minerals from her, we use those minerals to create things that pollute her air with carbon dioxide

We dump rubbish into her oceans killing the ecosystem in the sea with no second thought but if we do not take care it is not the sounding of the trumpet that would bring an end to the world as we no it. Our distraction will come from our very own hands as we will hit the self destruct button

Climate change is real, we can not afford to ignore it any longer and we are here to provide reasons why you should join the fight to save mother earth

More frequent and severe weather is a reason why you should join the fight against global warming. Noticed how it tends to get a lot hotter these days, how rainfall patterns are not long predictable nor reliable. Yeah, all of that is due to the continuous pollution of the earth which must be stopped if we are to get out of this alive and well

Scientist today believe that climate change is the biggest threat to global health in the 21st century. It is a threat that affects everyone, children and adults, rich and poor and all religious groups. It is a threat that must be curbed

Higher temperatures mean increased air pollution. There is no doubting it that the quality of air we breathe in today is of lesser quality than was lets say a 100 years ago and its only going to get worse. Companies may one day go into the business of creating their own air and selling it

Increased wildlife extinction rate. There are fewer animal species today on earth than there ever was and global warming is reason behind such a phenom. Species on both land and water keep dying out as the earth is unable to sustain the diversification. Won’t be long till the human species face extinction the way things are going.

Another reason the fight against global warming is the potential risk of an increase in babies born with deformities or stillborn. The environment is polluted. Water bodies and air are all polluted. Continuous exposure to such increased pollution could affect the quality of children born and we may have just began seeing the signs in our hospitals

Never has it been so paramount for the total unification of the human species of a common species, and as the species with the highest intellect and custodians of the earth we owe it to all lesser species to ensure a safe earth for the harmonized and flourishing of all species

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