My Top 3 Travel Destinations

In the past three years, I have taken the time to see other parts of the world in the quest of satisfying my curiosity about what I have heard about what happens outside of Ghana. I met people and tried different foods blended with the locals to learn a few things about their culture.

Today I will list my top 3 destination countries I think everyone should visit, and trust me, you will have the time of your life and see the world’s beauty.

My number one destination of all time. It is a beautiful country located in the southern part of Central Europe, the beautiful Vienna as the capital town.
I love Austria because there is always something to see and visit and eat in every town you visit.
In the City of Vienna, you can visit the beautiful St Stephens Cathedral, Schonbrunn Palace, and the Vienna State Opera.

In Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. This beautiful medieval City. If you are into museums and architecture, it is the best place for you to visit.
I am making it obvious that Austria is my favourite travel destination by talking too much about this place. Now let me move on, lol.

When you hear of the name Hungary, I am sure the first thing that pops up in your mind is food and hunger, but trust me, it is far from that.
Its capital Budapest is bisected into two parts Buda and Pest.
Hungary is famous for its famous Goulash soup as well as beautiful architecture. It is one of the most visited countries in Europe.
On the streets of Hungary, you will usually see Ruins, Bars, coffee shops.
As far as travelling is concerned, Budapest has one of the best train connections I have ever seen.
In Hungary, places to visit are the chain Bridge, Liberty Bridge, Lake Balaton, and the beautiful town Szentendre.

I guess everybody’s dream is to visit The Effie tower. Paris is the capital town of fashion houses, classical art museums such as the famous Louvre.
It is also known for its famous wines and refined foods.

When you get the chance to visit France don’t forget to visit other places and not just the Effie tower as there is. More to see in Paris and other towns in France.

Next time you pick up your passport to travel make sure you visit these countries and trust me you won’t regret it. you can thank me later cheers!!!

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