5 Best Movies On Netflix Right Now

With so many movies to watch on Netflix, it is sometimes very difficult to choose from a wide range of choices, but If you are looking to keep yourself busy this week after a long and hard day of work, I recommend you sit on your couch, relax and enjoy standupgh.com’s top 5 movies and shows we think is a must watch on Netflix.

The Harder They Fall

This western themed movie features some of Hollywood’s finest with the likes of our very own Idris Elba, Regina King, and the most handsome Lakeith Stanfield. This action packed movie is about an outlaw’s mission to seek revenge after he found out that hiq sworn enemy was released from prison. This movie shares some similarities with The good, the bad and ugly.

Squid Game

If you haven’t watched the squid game, then you are missing out on something, big time.
This Korean TV show has been trending online for several weeks in different countries across the world and oh boy, The hype is real! I am not a fan of survival movies but Squid game is in a league of its own.
After watching this show, you will begin to view the world differently, especially the importance of saving money.

Army Of The Dead

If you are into Zombies, then this is your go-to movie to chillax with. The movie stars famous wrestler Batista and the hard hitting Hollywood darling boy, Omari Hardwick . The movie centers around a group of mercenaries who were tasked to pull off a heist never before tempted.
I do not want to spoil this movie for you already; grab your popcorn and press the play button.

Army Of Thieves

After Watching army of the dead, don’t forget to watch the prequel to the movie; Army of thieves. Gwendoline Star, (played by Nathalie Emmanuel of Game Of Thrones fame) a career criminal and leader of a heist crew recruits a bank teller who happens to be a master safe cracker to help her team steal from three impregnable safes.


This psychological thriller takes you on a journey about how far one will go for love. A local bookstore manager uses his charms and looks to get close to women he likes. He goes as far as killing anyone who crosses his path.

I don’t want to say much but grab a drink and popcorn and watch these movies and let us know what you think .

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