The Challenges Of Growing Up In Ghana

Being born in the late 90’s and having to grow up in Ghana, many would say I have been lucky considering the peace my country has enjoyed over the period compared to what has been happening in other African countries within that period.

Nonetheless it has not been without its challenges especially for someone who lost his father before even attaining self awareness and having to move to the capital to live with an uncle in a new environment as I was born in the North

Growing up one experience that has stuck with me is the expectation that every Ghanaian especially in the South is expected to be able to speak the Akan language. I had the misfortune of finding out the hard way when I was sent to the grinding mill to mill some corn only for me to fumble in expressing myself on my mission there

The man incharge of the mill quickly lost his temper and asked if I was not Ghanaian which I said I was, but it would seem anything I said only incensed him the more until he said I carry my corn back and learn how to say why I was there before coming back and only then would he serve me.

I never went back and the rebel in me resolved to never learn the language though it was to my own detriment. Till date I understand the language to an extent but I am reluctant to express myself using the language

Life has not been hard especially when you have a capable guardian like I do

My education has been smooth sailing, starting school in the North then moving on to continue in the South and then finishing in the North as I have recently been awarded with my first degree

We are a loving people, though I feel we treat strangers better than we treat our own. We can treat our own better

We are a religious people and though it has its drawbacks, it also has its perks. Due to our religiosity, we do not brood too much about our challenges as we attribute everyone setback to God and pray for grace. The drawback is we can be quiet reluctant in forcing the issue as I said we attribute everything to God. I believe our believes is why we have enjoyed so much peace in our country but it would be best if we can find a balance between our religion and common sense

Ghana is not the best country to be in, neither is it the worse country. I love my country and I am proud to be called a Ghanaian

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