How Guilty Should You Feel About Telling Someone No?

I have always believed the ability to say ‘NO’ is an important skill that could save one from a lot of hurt and for that matter you should not feel guilty when you say No to someone.

As humans and as social beings we can not exist without a society or friend and for that reason we strive to please our family, friends, institutions by giving them the best of ourselves but a firm line must be drawn when our health or peace is on the line

Let us take relationships and proposals as an example. This is to the ladies as they mostly are the ones who have to deal with multiple men coming their way with a promise of an undying love. It is very important to be able to say No as a woman to a relationship proposal and not feel bad about it.

A relationship is supposed to make you feel happy though it does come with the occasional heartache, when you do not feel the same way a man feels about you please do not hesitate to let him have a firm No from you, and look at it this say, you are probably doing him more good by saying no because you are saving him from a lot of heartache in future as you do not love him and will only hurt him if you say yes and are unable to grow to love him

Again in the matter of friends, it is very important that one can say No without feeling guilty about it. Friends or should I say human beings tend to take and take till you have nothing to offer and they move on to the next victim. They borrow money from you without paying, take your bike or car out with a full tank and return it empty, I am sure you get what I am driving at and maybe can even relate to some of the examples I have put out. The only way to save you have such friends is to learn to say No to them and stand firm

You should not feel guilty either when you say No to family. I know they are family and must be respected but the danger of being a ‘yes man’ to family is that you run the risk of having your life controlled. If you do not stamp your foot on the ground soon enough they will determine the school you go, the programmes you read, the job you do and just when you least expect it they will drop a bride or groom at your doorstep

There are instances we should feel guilty when we say no and that is when we refuse to help when we can and when helping does not put as at a loss. As humans we must always look towards self preservation but once helping takes nothing away from us then we should really feel guilty when we do not.

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