Keta Tidal Waves Leaves Over 7000 People Homeless; NADMO Yet To Respond

The MP for Ketu has revealed that over 7000 people have so far been displaced since Keta had been hit by tidal waves and as at yet they are yet to receive word from National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)

According to the MP, Keta, Ketu South and Anlo are the three constituencies which have been hit most by the tidal waves, with over 7000 people rendered homeless as at Sunday, November 7, 2021

He also expressed concern the presidency’s palpable silence as events unravel and also why the body responsible to natural disaster control, the National Disaster Management Organization are so slow in responding to the disaster

According to multiple reports, apart for Keta, Ketu South and Anlo being the three worst off constituencies in relation to the tidal waves, over 300 households have been affected while several public places such as health centres, an eco-lodge at Anyanui, Meet Me There have been submerged.

The MP made these revelations after visiting some of the worst hit townships. He explained that some of the people have sought refuge in community centers, schools and churches, adding that a state of emergency has to be declared immediately in Keta

“We need food and shelter for them immediately. We need to provide shelter, blankets for the people because health centres have been submerged”, the MP voiced.

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