The Reason Why I Chose To Pursue Integrated Business Studies And Why I Think You Should Too

Like the name suggest Integrated Business Studies is an integration of the facets of business. Audit, Commerce, Accounting and the Law, you could say we are jacks of all trades but master of none only that in this scenario it is to my advantage

The study of Integrated Business Studies as your first degree program allows you to diversify. It puts you in a good position to conquer the world of business should you choose to study further to do your masters. You can easily divert into Business Law or do a master’s degree in Human Resource Management and what have you. Short of it all is that reading Integrated Business Studies allows you take any direction you so please in your development

I personally chose to read Integrated Business Studies because of a long held dream of owning my own business someday. For someone who read arts in my secondary cycle days, some thought me a mad man or lacking focus and direction for diverting completely in the manner that I did. But I did it to arm myself with the basics I would need to survive in a competitive market

And now reason why I would suggest it to you is that it will prepare you to take your destiny into your own hands in terms of employment. I am sure you are not ignorant of the fact that the “Government payroll is full” as the finance minister blatantly put it, studying the nous of businesses which is what the study of Integrated Business Studies is all about arms you with the knowledge of how to operate your own business what is left will be for you to find your capital and business idea to take off

Do not be in that group that lack both knowledge and finance to take their destinies into their own hands, at least have one especially the knowledge because the is truth behind the saying, “money comes and goes”, today it might not be here but tomorrow brings another of hope.

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