Donald Trump’s Attempts To Block Access To Records Rejected By Federal Judge

Former US president, Donald Trump has had a federal judge rule against him in his efforts to block access to records of his presidency.

The federal judge ruled to allow the US House of Representatives to access hundreds of pages of documents on Donald Trump’s previous presidency and the January 6 attack on Capitol Hill. His White House.

Tanya Sutkan, a district court judge in Washington D.C said Trump’s efforts to keeping over 700 pages of his White House records private are under attack adding that Trump and his legal team will most likely appeal the ruling.

However, in respect of the ruling, the White House call records, video recordings, and timelines for January 6, as well as three pages of handwritten notes from the then-Secretary-General, are expected to be released by the National Archives on Friday.

The court’s decision may aid the House of Representatives in obtaining further information from Trump’s associates, who has received sub-bonuses but yet talk to the Commission.

Last month, Donald Trump filed a case in Washington District Court, claiming that the House of Representatives’ demands for papers were “preemptively wide and purposeful” and therefore unlawful.

The White House has refused to intervene to prevent access to Trump’s records. The National Archives, which inherited Trump’s record after he left office, says he will begin transferring them to the House on November 12.

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