The Dream That Never Was …

Growing up, we all had a vision of what we would like our future to look like. Some wanted to be doctors, a very popular occupation amongst children, others wanted to join the army, some even knew the kind of person they would marry and the number of children they would have. It is nice to be young and oblivious to the realities of life.

As children, our dreams were mostly molded by our surroundings and environment. We most often than not wanted to walk in the footsteps of our parents and therefore mentioned their occupations as jobs we would like to do in future especially when their jobs are good and highly respected

I too had a dream once. It was as humble as my beginnings. I did not want to travel to outer space to gaze upon the stars, no, neither did I wanted to travel to Europe to play football. As the son of a farmer, my dream was to farm, make sure my people never lacked food and live a quiet and content life.

But sometimes life has other plans for us and as we plan, life also plans. Today the boy who wanted to be a farmer is now a young man with a degree in Business Management and looking to join the corporate world to leave his mark. But that little boy’s dream of being a farmer lives on in this young man and this young man owes it to that little boy who he once was to make sure the dreams of that little boy are not lost in obscurity. A debt I may never be able to pay.

But alas this young man has chosen a path different from that of his young self. The dreams of my young self though borne out of the most noblest of intentions will have to be shelved amongst the many dreams that never were.

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