Attorney General Directs The General Legal Council To Admit 499 Students

Attorney General Godfred Dame has written to the General Legal Council, requesting that all 499 students refused admission to the Ghana School of Law be admitted. Godfred Dame provided the body 3 three choices to examine in finding room for the pupils in a letter dated November 1, 2021.

“Grant deferred admission to the 499 candidates with effect from May 22. A special provision can be made for the first year professional law course by candidates already admitted to run from October, 2021 to April, 2022. The 499 candidates may undertake their programme from May 2022 and ending November, 2022. Arrangements would have to be put in place for the two sets of candidates to undertake their pupilage and be called to the bar at a common date in the next two years.”

The Attorney General further stated that the GLC might hold a supplementary test in November for the students who were denied admission. The Attorney General has said that a mandate from parliament to the General Legal Council to accept the disgruntled students is illegal. According to the Office, Parliament cannot simply command the GLC on admissions processes to law school with a resolution.

“Whilst recognizing the general legislative powers of Parliament in Ghana, except as has been circumscribed by the Constitution, I am constrained to advise that Parliament is devoid of power through the use of Parliamentary resolutions, to control the process of admission into the Ghana School of Law”, a statement from the AG’s office mentioned.

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