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Importance Of Knowing Your Worth

Society forms a person’s character and molds his or her perception about life. The home, the church and the school are the places that make or break the individual. This three places can have a huge influence how you view yourself and life in general.

Growing up in a loving and supportive home is all one needs to take on the other two institutions if they tend to be a weight that pulls the individual down. But without a good home, one can also find solace in any of the other two institutions, but at the end of the day, at a point in one’s life, he or she can no more blame these institution anymore but must rather take matters into their own hands.

People usually fail to see their self worth and invariable ‘price’ themselves lesser than the are actually worth and you will only ever be worth based on the value you place on yourself. The aim of this article is to highlight why it is so important to know your worth

Knowing your worth is the first step to enjoying a fulfilling life. When you place yourself where you are supposed to be, you attract the respect you deserve. Those who used to take you for granted or laugh behind your back now know better. They now know you know your worth and will not belittle yourself just to please them anymore.

Self worth is more or less synonymous with confidence and so the moment you know your worth as an individual you are filled with renewed confidence. When you know your worth you stop people from walking all over you or dictating to you what you must do and how it must be done, you now become master of your own life, and that breeds confidence and needs confidence to be sustained

Only through knowing your worth will you ever experience the kind of personal growth that you know you are capable of. The importance of knowing your worth can never be over emphasized. Knowing it can make you and not knowing it can break you. When you know your worth, you know what is for and what is not for you, you know what you deserve and you know what is beneath you. You work hard for what you deserve and you fight for it because you know you earned it and deserve it.

Knowing your worth could be the difference between you living a mediocre life or living that life you always dreamed of. So the next time you stir at a reflection of yourself in the mirror, ask yourself what you are truly worth.

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