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I Am Only Human

When I fall I ought to bleed,

I am only but a seed,

Trying to breakthrough the soil

Nobody is perfect

Not even the supernaturals

I try my best so do not expect more than I can give

Your expectation, an anchor which drowns me in a sea of sorrows

Temper your expectations for there is only as much of myself I can give,

for I am only human

My flaws and limitations abound

Imperfect I am

And that is what makes me human

In my imperfection is my uniqueness,

In my failures lies my greatness

I am not super, I am super human

In that is what defines me

Please do not expect more than I can give

Lest you break me and invite disappointment your way

I will try my best

But I do not make any promises

Like a machine I sometimes come crashing to a standstill

I need the servicing and oil change just as much

But in my weakness I strive to stand

Not by my strength or might but only through love

Forgive me for not being who you could not be yourself

I can not be who you want and still be who I am supposed to be

One had to be go and yours went out the door

I live my life to please none

I am my own self

It took me time to realise

Rather late than never

Be unique, be you

Be human

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