Actress Fella Makafui Leaves Many Stunned As She Shares Her Grass To Grace Story

Fella Makafui has touched the hearts of many with the story of her humble beginnings and all what she has to overcome to be who she is today. According to the wife of Rapper Medikal, we should not look at the huge mansion and the cars she changes each day and conclude that she has had an easy life

In her own words, she came to Ghana with all her possessions tucked nicely in a jute bag and had to sleep with her mom in a shop for many years. Not to talk of the many tears and hardship she has faced all throughout her life to get to where she is today.

Fella Makafui recently got her husband, Medikal, the latest Iphone 13 after he was granted bail from prison for brandishing a firearm with ammunition. But it seems her gesture of love and appreciation of her husband did not sit well with a section of Ghanaians and they came out questioning the source of she and her husband’s wealth

But the actress was having none of the usual badmouthing and name calling as she has took her time to address the situation squarely, insisting that all that she and her husband enjoy is a product of their hard work, perseverance and sacrifices.

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