Lets Talk About Emotional Stress – What Is It?

I cannot wait to grow up. I bet each and everyone who will read this article ever said that phrase or something similar when they were younger. Growing up, being an adult comes with a lot of freedom but with accompanying responsibilities children do not usual take note of.

Being an adult is hard work. Having to preserve your emotional and mental health while balancing work, family and friends, finances and relationships has broken one too many adults. Do not get me wrong, children do not have it easy themselves, but when it comes to adulthood, the stakes are even higher

What then is emotional stress? – Emotional stress is when one’s worries, fears, anger and sadness which are all normal healthy emotions, begin to interfere with his or her ability to do the things he or she wants or needs to do.

The signs of emotional stress can manifest both physically and mentally. Physical signs or symptoms of one suffering from emotional stress are feelings of depression, tiredness, unhealthy sleep patterns, headaches, increased heart rate and difficulty in executing bedroom duties. Mentally, emotional stress can be detected through feeling overwhelmed or on edge, trouble keeping track of things or remembering, loss in concentration or getting work done.

Now that we are done with how to detect emotional stress in one’s self, family or friends, let us take a look at what are the causes of emotional stress amongst individuals. Financial crisis, bad working environment, parental pressure, unemployment, failed or unhappy relationship are all potential causes of emotional stress. The list of causes are many and cannot all be captured in this article so we listed the major and most common causes

At a point in time each and everyone of us will experience emotional stress in life, it is therefore prudent that we talk about how to cope with or manage the stress when we find ourselves rocking the boat. When you experience that feeling of emotional stress, it helps to talk to someone you trust and respect. They say a problem shared is half shared, therefore just voicing out your burden helps to lighten the load you carry

Take a timeout. You are not a machine, your body, mind and soul needs rest. If your stress is coming from your workplace, take a few days off work to recharge your batteries, if it’s relationship problems, you can take a break from it all until you are ready to face the bull by the horn

Get a hobby. Reading, swimming, sightseeing are all proven methods of reducing stressing amongst people. Exercising is also a very potent remedy against emotional stress

Emotional stress is real and eats into your quality of life when not detected and managed. Like I said we will all face some form of emotional stress at a point in our lives so there is no shame in seeking help when the cross becomes too heavy for you to bear alone

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