The Impact Of Religion On Our Culture

Culture, said to be the way of live of a people, is older than any known religion as Africans, we had a way of life before the missionaries, Islamic clerks and what have you were washed down our shores by their ships and boats. Even with that, it has been historically well documented that the African man had his own way of worship before these aforementioned group of people came into contact with our ancestors.

The African man worshiped forces of nature known as lesser gods. He had a god of war he prayed to in times of war for assurance of victory, there was a goddess of fertility who he sacrificed generously to for the fruit of the womb, a god of rains who he prayed to for a generous harvest. In essence, our ancestors had a god who provided a solution for each problem they faced. They believed in a supreme deity of course, who they believed delegated the lesser gods with such important task.

Our ancestors embraced polygamy and encouraged the bearing of many children as children were viewed and still viewed has blessings from God and therefore the many of them you had, the more blessed you were. Respect for the elderly and authority was enforced and one was regarded something else disrespecting elders

Human sacrifice was a very common thing amongst our ancestors, as humans were used us sacrificial lamps during big and important sacrifice of to avert impending doom or appease the gods for a grievous sin completed. Those who committed abominable crimes were also killed as was the law in those days

The introduction of Western Religion has greatly changed the African cultural landscape.

One of the greatest impact the introduction of Christianity and Islam to the African is the ending of human killings and sacrifices. Like was noted earlier, human killings and sacrifices was a thing before the introduction of religion and after the introduction of religion, it was a gradual process but now human killings and sacrifices is now a thing of the past

The introduction of Religion led to the African gaining contact with the people of different races. This led to the learning of different cultures and languages which had its positive and negative connotations. The positive is, the contact led to the learning of new languages, which resulted in the adaptation of words and phonetics in the new languages, thereby expanding the vocabulary of expression of multiple African languages

The religious missionaries came with the mission of evangelism and left us many gifts while executing their mission. One of such gifts is introduction of formal education. Before their arrival, there was nothing like formal education, mind you, there was education as parents educated their children on cultural norms and values and also taught them skills such as palmwine tapping and a trade. The missionaries brought classroom education to us which has greatly impacted our culture

The adaptation of Western religion has meant that the African has had to chop and change and remold to fit with that of their new found religion as there cannot be a middle ground. Luckily, the African culture did not greatly contradict the religion of the missionaries as their holy books also preached the respect of elders and authority and also spoke against taking that which is not yours and many others which harmonizes seamlessly with they way of live of the African people.

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