NHIA Workers To Strike Over 6 Months Unpaid Salary Arrears

The Professionals And Allied Workers Union (PAWU) of the National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) has issued an ultimatum to management of the Health Insurance Scheme to promptly address the issue of 6 months unpaid salaries of the over 3,000 staff of the authority across the country else they go on a nationwide strike.

The Union raised a number of concerns in a strong-worded letter to the Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority dated November 8, 2021, that if those concerns are not immediately ironed out it would result in them having to lay down their work tools.

The issues raised in their letter addressed to the CEO include non-payment of staff salary arrears, unlawful interdiction of staff, no medical support for sick staff, long-standing discrimination in the implementation of staff benefits, amongst others.

The letter which was endorsed by Mr. Seth Abloso, acting General Secretary of the Professionals And Allied Workers Union (PAWU), cited that the circumstance of affairs threatened the impending commemoration of the NHIA because its workers are not motivated and demoralized by working conditions.

The letter said, “Staff salary arrears from January to June 2020 continue to be outstanding despite repeated requests for the Authority to fulfill its obligations. In 2020, the management of the NHIA after a negotiation with the Union approved a salary increment of 10%. Management has failed to implement this increment and has not met its part of the agreement. The union has been persisted in their request which has fallen on deaf ears. Staff of the NHIA across the country is speedily losing their patients as management has blatantly refused to pay the staff the arrears of 2020.”

PAWU stated strongly in the letter that “Staff notch movements which should have been implemented in January 2021 has to date not been effected. Management has also failed to implement the 3% salary notch movement for staff which was approved in 2018. Sadly, management has taken a posture of communicating to staff and derelicting on their duty.”

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