10 Things You Should Never Apologize For

Human beings are social beings. We depend on other human beings to be our best selves. sometimes however in relating with are fellow human beings, we sacrifice so much of our own happiness to ensure the happiness of others. This article aims to help you focus on your own happiness and also tell you 10 things you should never apologize for.

Never ever apologize for needing time to yourself. Yes we are social beings but sometimes we just need to remove ourselves from all the noise and drama which comes from family and friends. It is understandable, and you must always put your mental and physical health first. So if you need time away from people to recharge your batteries, there is no need having to apologize.

Do not apologize for speaking whats on your mind either. There are those who never express themselves fully for fear of hurting others and there are those who say it the way it is, its called speaking your truth and you should not have to apologize for speaking your truth.

I can not say this enough, we are social beings, we need others just as much as they need us. You should not therefore have to apologize for needing help, its like apologizing for being human. Asking for help comes with the manual for being human, it just cannot be helped.

Do you apologize when you take your time to respond to messages? Well you shouldn’t have to. People have got to realize there is a whole lot of life to live beyond the screens of our mobile phones. Who would choose texting when you can have real time face to face conversations. Reply to messages when you get the time but do not apologize for the delay.

Your past is your past and whatever mistakes you made in your past, you do not owe anybody an apology for making those mistakes. To err is human, there has never been a more apt saying. There is no human who does not have a bag load of mistakes committed from his or her past. We are all sinners, we are all fallible, do not apologize for mistakes you made in your past.

I always say saying No is an essential life skill that can save you a lot of time, peace and hurt. Those who find it difficult to say No find themselves prisoners to others, their goodness is often time exploited. Do not be a ‘yes man’ and do not apologize for letting them have the No.

We all can not be clean freaks who live in impeccable neatness, therefore we should not have to live by the standards of others. Do not apologize for living in a messy house or room. If you are comfortable in it yourself then feel at home because it is your home.

Say it the way it is and do not apologize for it. The truth is one and frankly I prefer people to tell me the truth even if it would hurt than for you to tell me a lie all in the name of protecting me. Always speak the truth and do not apologize for it.

It is not your fault you are good you are doing so well in life, well it is your fault actually. You worked so hard to be where you are and totally deserve it so you should not feel guilty for leaving others behind.

Suppressing how you feel is a one way ticket to an early grave but most were trained to suppress their feelings of love, anger etc to protect others. I am telling you that you shouldn’t have to and even better when you express how you feel, you do not have to apologize for it.

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