Google To Invest $730 Million In Australia

Google is set to invest in Australia as it has never done before after revealing on Monday that it is to invest $730 million in Australia. The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai revealed that the focus of their investment is to build Australia’s digital infrastructure, focusing mainly on cloud computing.

He said the invest would include google launching it’s first research hub in Australia and partnering with Australia’s National Science Agency. The $730 million which is 1 billion Australian dollars will spread over a period of five years and will be geared towards developing Australia’s digital infrastructure, research and partnership amounting to the company’s biggest ever investment in the country.

Google has indicated that an economic analysis showed that the investment would help create over 6000 new direct jobs across the country. “Australia can help lead the world’s next wave of innovation, harnessing technology to improve lives, create jobs and make progress,” Mr. Pichai said

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, who spoke at the event commemorating the announcement touted Google’s investment as a vote of confidence in the Australian economy’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic which has left many world economies grasping for air.

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