Kuami Eugene Warns Kidi To Stop Talking About Him In Interviews – Video

Kuami Eugene and Kidi are one of the hottest musicians currently in the Ghana music industry and ironically, the two are both signed onto the Lynx Entertainment Record Label but it would appear there is a misunderstanding between the two.

Kidi is always forced to talked about Kuami Eugene in interviews as his name always pops up one way or the other during the course of the interview and he has even lamented before that his words are always taken out of context to create a picture which does not exist

And now to end all this, Kuami Eugene has advised that Kidi does not comment on any question which has his name in it as he believes its the only solution to the problem they face as a pair. He added that he has been employing that tactic for a while now and it has helped him greatly and thinks Kidi should adopt it and thank him later.

Kidi has now also vowed to not talk about anything that has to do with his label mate after lamenting that his words are always taken out of context and twisted to create bad blood between the two, something he admitted they have succeeded in doing a couple of times but he is now the wiser and would not fall for their goading anymore.


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