Gifty Anti And Daughter Involved In Car Accident.

Ghanaian veteran news anchor Gifty Anti and her daughter have been involved in a car accident. The media personality announced that the experience has left her daughter traumatized and in a lot of pain after they were involved in a near fatal accident.

Giving an account of the incident, Gifty Anti said a car run into the back of their car which was parked, leaving mother and daughter in great pain. Gifty Anti has therefore called on intercessory prayers of fans, friends and family for she and her daughter and most especially her daughter.

She took to her facebook to share the news of their terrible experience on the road.

Ms Anti began her media career as an intern at the Ghana News Agency, then moved on to the Ghanaian Times as an intern. She later worked as an intern at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), where she was also offered the option to do her national service.

Gifty landed her first job as a Floor Manager at GTV. She later became a TV presenter, coach, gender advocate and a feminist. She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of GDA Concept and host of Stand Point, a talk show about women’s issues.

She worked at the Ghanaian Times as she received mentorship from Liz Hayfron. In 2019, she launched her book titled “A Bit Of Me”, the book reached number one on Amazon after one week of publication.

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