Adele Reveals Secret Romance Before Finding Rich Paul

Adele has revealed in actual fact that she had a secret romance before Rich Paul came her way. Adele who had been previously married to Simon Konecki in 2018, said she struggled in giving 100% in the secret relationship as she had just split from her husband.

Adele has credited her failed relationships after her divorce as the source of inspiration in writing “I Drink Wine” and was quick to add that it all happened before she met Rich Paul.

“I wasn’t dating anyone. There was someone that I have loved – not been in love with, but been so fond of, and have been for years – but I was unable to pretend that I wasn’t in my own storm.

“I couldn’t give myself properly. I couldn’t be consistent, and neither could he. It wasn’t right, leaving a marriage and then dating a year after. Even if you feel ready, it’s a gaping, open wound whether you leave or you’re left.

“So it was more that this person was asking for me to throw myself into it. And I couldn’t because I was still recovering from the breakdown of my marriage.”

She went on to attribute the “breakdown of her marriage” her mystery man.

“So, therefore, he is part of the storm. And I was just, you know, really honest with him about it, thank God.”

“Otherwise, I could’ve found myself in a situation being in a relationship I didn’t want to be in after coming out of one.”

Adele has a nine year old son with her ex-husband, Simon Konecki and the two had devised living close to each other to make co-parenting easier.

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