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Life As A University Student In Ghana

Going through University life is a phase that cooks one in preparation for real life. The experiences are vast and sometimes overwhelming, but with the help, constant advice and words of encouragement from family, friends and loved once, I sailed through and so can you.

The real challenge of university life is level 100 when you feel like a small fish in a very huge pond and every experience is magnified exponential. In level 100, you have to learn to live away from home, family and familiar faces. Having to resocialize and create a new social life is real hard work and one of the many challenges one must overcome in University

Its not all doom and gloom however as the university life is a mixture of good and bad, what you find daunting is what someone relishes. The idea of making a new social circle is an opportunity to create a new you, you have the chance to redefine yourself to new people

The university life would not be complete without the mention of love. At that stage in our lives, we experience love, we get our hearts broken and we do things which our parents may not approve off, but we do it anyway

With freedom comes responsibility to yourself and others. University life takes us away from the watchful eyes and controlling nature of our parents and guardians. The problem is that with the new found freedom, most lose their way in chasing pleasures they have been denied for years. You would therefore have to exercise constraint and self control if the university life story is to end in success

And it is never ever university without the mention of the primary reason for being there, study. In every human endeavour, a good start is always a positive but does not mean however that starting poor means the end. Joggling friends, extra-curriculum activities with lectures and examination needs serious planning. We should not lose sight of why we are there in the first place, does not mean however that we should sacrifice the full university experience for academics. You can have both of two worlds.

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