Delay Advises Kidi And Kuami Eugene To Not Entertain Their Lookalikes

Television show host and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Delay has proffered some free advise to younger ones in the entertainment industry, Kidi and Kuami Eugene to be mindful of the way they entertain their so called look alikes.

She has advised the two to be weary of how they mingle with those who looklike them, admonishing them to protect their space and not to share the same stage with those who look like them

According to her, her advise is born out of the fact that she went to google and was surprised that people were more invested in searching for Kuami Eugene and Kidi’s look alikes that the original copies themselves

All this talk comes at the back of the two musicians attending interviews and shows with people who are said to look like them and Delay does not encourage their actions and has therefore told them to dump their lookalikes else they end up taking their places.


In other news relating the two musicians, it would appear there is bad blood between the two signees of Lynx entertainment as Kuami Eugene has warned Kidi to not talk about him in interviews. The two are the poster boys of Lynx entertainment, and it would not be good for their image if their two biggest artistes were at each others throats.

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