Meet The Daughters Of The 5 Richest Families In Ghana

We do not choose the families we are born into. Some of us are very fortunate to be born into families of wealth and power while others are not so lucky and have to grind hard to make things happen for themselves. A article has already been published looking at the sons of the richest millionaires in the country, it is now the turn of the ladies and we look at the daughters of the 5 richest families in Ghana.

Number one on our list is Boatemaa Kakra Duffour-Nyarko. Boatemaa Kakra Duffour-Nyarko is the daughter of Dr. Kwabena Duffour. Despite her family wife, she is bent on creating a path of her own as she is the Chief Actuary and Executive Director of StarLife Assurance Company. Her father is the founder of HODA holdings, a conglomerate with subsidiaries covering real estate, insurance, banking and the media group EIB network.

Next on our list is Agata Taricone. Yes, you thought right, Agata is a foreigner whose family came to Ghana 1968 and have been living the ‘Ghanaian dream’ ever since. She is the daughter of Italian-born Ernesto Taricone, who came to Ghana in 1968 with his brothers. Ernesto is probably widely known for his real estate business, especially the Trasacco estate developments, Casa Trasaco and the luxurious Villagio apartments enterprise.

This list would not be complete without Dr. Zanetor Rawlings. Very few families need introducing like that of the Rawlings family. Dr. Zanetor Rawlings is the daughter of former Ghanaian president, Jerry John Rawlings.She shares in her late father’s political ambition and walks in his footsteps as she is the member of parliament for the Korle Klottey constituency.

Next, we have Tamara Jonah Goka. Tamara is the daughter of one of Ghana’s richest men, former president of AngloGold Ashanti, Sam Jonah. She is however not living off her family wealth or name as she is seeking to make wealth and a name of her own. Tamara is the is the CEO of the Lionheart Group, an expanding conglomerate that is transforming Ghana’s hospitality industry through consistent cutting-edge quality and innovation

Last on our list but not least important or rich is Henrietta Adwoa Osei. Surely this wouldn’t be a list of the rich and famous without the name of Osei Kwame Despite popping up some where in between. Henrietta is the daughter of media mogul, Osei Kwame Despite, the owner of Despite Group of Companies with its subsidiaries including UTV and Peace FM. In 2017, Henrietta obtained her Master’s Degree from the University of Warwick.

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