Money Can’t Change Me – King Promise

With wealth comes a change in lifestyle, it cannot be helped. Some even go as far as to change their circle, finding new friends who fit seamlessly with their new found wealth. Their riches get to their heads and they lose respect for what is to be respected.

Some say money changes a person other believe money does not change a person, it only serves as a catalyst in unearthing the true nature of a person. Ghanaian musician King Promise is one musician who has been accused of letting money change him since he got it in considerable amounts

King promise is now being accused of having dropped his old friends for new Nigerian ones since he came across his wealth, he is accused of changing his home since he came across his wealth. King Promise rarely bases in Ghana anymore, choosing to live between Nigerian, the United States or the United Kingdom. When he is in Ghana, he decides to long himself up so no one is aware of his presence, so they say.

But the rumours are beginning to get under the skin of the musician he took to twitter to clarify the situation, according to him there has indeed been a change since he attained wealth. According to him money has succeeded in changing his look but not his character and that he is still the same old King Promise.

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