Kuami Eugene Rates Nigerian Music Higher Than Ghanaian Music

The has always been competition between Ghanaians and Nigerians in all aspects of their lives. The compete about their food, the compete in football, they compete in movies and music. But amongst the competition, Nigeria seems to always have an upper hand in every category and now Ghana’s very own musician, Kuami Eugene has rated Nigerian music above Ghana music and has gone ahead to explain why he believes Nigerian music is far superior to Ghanaian music.

According to the musician, Nigeria’s music supremacy on the continent is not all down to quality music production but also because of the unity amongst industry players and how much they support each other. “For us to get to the top, we do not only need sound. Left for sound alone we can also be there because Ghanaians equally produce good sound as Nigerians,” he said.

Speaking in an interview on Happy FM’s Ayeeko After Drive Show with show host Dr. Caan, he said, “Burna boy made it to the Grammys because of the support he got from his people back home. We are doing good music and there is nothing wrong with our sound. Take No Dulling for example, it is a very good sound together with many other songs of mine and they all went very far.”

He disclosed that Nigerians are enjoying so much success in music due to the support they give each other and also the promotional methods they have adopted in making sure their music sells both locally and beyond the border.

“It is about marketing and marketing comes with numbers which they have. They are currently a 100million ahead of us so we will need a lot of work if we want to catch up with them,” he emphasized.

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