Donald Trump Awarded Black Belt In Taekwondo

Former United States of America (USA) President, Donald Trump, a man who thinks exercise can cause death to a person has been honoured with a ninth degree belt in Taekwondo despite actually never practicing the sport.

The former president was presented with the honour by the president of Kukkiwon, the world Taekwondo headquaters in South Korea. The president of Kukkiwon, Lee Dong Seop told Korean newspaper Dong-a IIbo that  “I heard that Donald Trump is highly interested in Taekwondo,” with some speculating that it is because his best buddy, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, was also given the same honour in 2013 though neither of the two men has ever practiced Taekwondo.

“It is my honor to receive Honorary Dan Certificate and I think Taekwondo is magnificent martial art for self-defense,” Trump was quoted as saying on Kukkiwon’s Facebook page. “I wish to see Kukkiwon Taekwondo Team’s demonstration.” The post comes with the disclaimer, “This ceremony is not related any other political issues.”

A ninth-degree black belt takes decades of training and “incredible devotion to the art, hard work, and consistent training for life,” and one must “also have to have overseen a significant number of black belts and/or other such accomplishments.”

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