Real Madrid Striker Karim Benzema Convicted Over Sex Tape Scandal

France and Real Madrid striker, Karim Benzema has been handed a one year suspended sentence for complicity in a bid to blackmail his former France team-mate Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape.

The sentence is said to be tougher than what was sought after by even the prosecutors against the Real Madrid star over the 2015 extortion attempt which led to the player being cast out of the France National team for five and a half years.

Benzema was present at the verdict in the Paris suburb of Versailles which comes hours before Real Madrid take on Sheriff Tiraspol in the champions league set to be played in Moldova. Karim Benzema is accused of being behind an extortion attempt which involves former Marseilles and France international player Valbuena.

The court ruled that he had “implicated himself personally, through subterfuge and lies, to convince his team-mate to submit to the blackmail.”

It added that he had shown “no kindness towards Valbuena”, as he had claimed, “just the opposite” and had even appeared to take joy in the misfortune of his colleague player.

Karim Benzema’s defence team has announced that they will be appealing the sentence

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