We Can’t Build A Sky Train In Ghana, It Is Impossible – Railway Minister

The minister of railway development, John Peter Amewu has quashed any dreams Ghanaians might have been harbouring of seeing the construction of a sky train railway in the country as according to him the Government will not be engaging in the fruitless venture as it is impossible as things stand.

His comments are in direct contradiction of the works of the former minster of railway development, Joe Ghartey, who representing the Government signed an agreement for the construction of the Accra SkyTrain Project on the sidelines of the African Investment Forum in South Africa.

The proposed construction which was to be situated in Accra was to provide five routes, four of which were to serve as radial routes that originate at the proposed SkyTrain Terminal in the heart of Accra.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Authority, Richard Diedong Dombo at the time assured that government will begin implementation of the project after scrutinizing the report it has received.

“The sky trains are on an elevator platform rather than underground. They will be running on platforms over the city of Accra. It will be a community train and not an intercity one. At the moment, the visibility studies have been completed and it is being studied before the contract is signed,” he said in a Citi News interview.

However it would appear that the theme has changed as the current minister of railway development, John Peter Amewu speaking on Citi Tv’s Face to Face programme said Government would not go on with the construction of the SkyTrain project.

“The sky train that we are talking about is the one that is going to run on columns in the sky like the ones you see in Dubai but no agreement has been signed.”

“It is not possible to be done now. I don’t see any sky train being done in the next 3-4 years. There is not going to be any Sky train in the country. It is not possible.”

He also added that funding for the construction of some of the already started projects is becoming problematic for the government.

“Rail construction takes a lot of time and it is also capital intensive. A kilometre of a railway line is about four to five times the cost of building a concrete infrastructure in terms of building an asphaltic road.”

“So considering the fiscal space that we have in the country, facilities to absorb it is becoming problematic for the government and you know our current debt to GDP which is in excess of 70%.”

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