Atleast Eight Dead, Several Injured In A Bomb Explosion In Somalia

A bomb explosion outside a school in Mogadishu, Somali’s capital, on Thursday has claimed the lives of eight (8) innocents and injured countless others, according to a police report. It is the latest of a series of bomb attacks as Somalia continues to battle with election tense and a serious humanitarian challenge.

The bomb explosion was detonated from inside a parked vehicle at around 7:30am in morning and the intended target of the explosion was the convoy of a security firm that protects the United Nations Staff, according to the spokesperson of the police, Abdifatah Aden Hassan. He added that a number of the United Nations staff sustained various degrees of injuries from the explosion.

13 students from one of the near by schools sustained injuries from the explosion and damages done also to property as the were videos and photos burning cars and mangled school buses including damaged classrooms from the force and heat from the explosion.

“If schools and places of learning are not exempt from targets, then this is a real tragedy,” said Abdulkadir Adan, founder of Aamin Ambulance, a free ambulance service that was among the first to respond to the scene.

“The students and teachers now face not just physical injuries, but also psychological trauma,” he added.

The bomb attack has been associated to Al-Qaeda linked extremist group Al-Shabab with reports saying they have taken responsibility for the latest bomb explosion in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

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