I And Mzvee Do Not Talk – Kuami Eugene

I wonder what Mzvee must have done to Kuami Eugene for him to go around talking about her so much. First he demanded she respect him because he is the brains behind all a hit songs claiming he wrote them for her without asking for a dime in return.

And now speaking in an interview with Ghanaian blogger, Zion Felix, the former Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) artiste of the year winner, has revealed he does not bother having the music diva’s number there is nothing for them to talk about. What happened to checking up on friends and colleagues, Mr. Kuami Eugene?

For two people who both have ties with Ghanaian record label, Lynx Entertainment, Mzvee being a former signee of the record label while Kuami Eugene is still a signee of the record label, one would have thought there would be some kind of peace, understanding and cordiality between the two as they can both trace their roots to one common ancestor, but it would appear there are invisible forces at work doing things we have no knowledge of.

In is not so much what he said but the manner in which he said it, saying that they have nothing proper to talk about so that is why he does not have her number. Probably I am just overthinking. Why worry so much about other people’s business, it is not doing my health any good. Minding my own business starting January 1, 2022!

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