Nigerian Singer, Simi Opens Up On The Miracle Of Being A Mother

Nigerian singer, Simi is married to fellow Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold and their union has been blessed with the arrival of one baby, Adajare. Adajare is the pride of both her mother and father and her mother has now come out to reveal what the first ten minutes after giving birth to her first child felt like.

Simi and her husband have been sure to hide their pregnancy away from social media and have not begun to open up following the birth of Adajare. Her revelation comes after a tweep asked for how the experience was like after finally catching a glimpse of her daughter.

Simi gladly obliged to share, revealing that the first five minutes after the birth of Adajare was more or loss a shock her as she could not believe another being had just been brought into the world from her body and that the shock quickly changed to love when she saw her child in the arms of her father.

In her words, “First 5 minutes I was numb cos it was unbelievable that a human being just came out of my body. 5 minutes later, I was sobbing watching her in her daddy’s arms because I was so in love.”

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